Building Design

Preparation of structural plans, sections, details, and specifications Evaluation of geotechnical data, selection of foundation and structural systems. Contract administration and assistance during bidding procedures.


Structural Analysis

  . New Construction

  . Office Buildings

  . Residential

  . Residential Medical

  . Additions and Renovations

  . Commercial Buildings - Retail

Structural Design

We provide a full range of consulting structural engineering services to architects, owners, builders, and sub-contractors for residential and commercial projects. The services we provide include structural design, investigations, and specialty engineering.



     MATS HAREZLAK P.E. has performed structural design, detailing, and CADD drafting for numerous buildings and other structures in steel, reinforced concrete, wood, and masonry. He also has experience in construction contract administration and field structural inspections of buildings.

With a top-down, proactive approach I remain customer focused and goal-directed, an innovative and inside-out organization that facilitates sticky web-readiness and transforms red tape with outside the box thinking, one-on-one relationships, and innovative, evolved partnerships utilizing compatible turnkey teams that generate deliverables and action-items with synergistic, blame-the-contractor, off-line, benchmarked solutions which, together with leveraged supply-chains and downstream compatibility, expedite seamless constructability on a 24/365 paradigm basis without red flags, loss of functionality, or retrograde uphill complications.

 Registered Professional Engineer:

  Washington, Florida, Idaho, California, Alaska, Hawaii



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